Licensing Information


Greenline Radio is broadcasted out of The United States of America. Our streams are provided by Live365.

The broadcasting licenses are as follows:

"Live365 will secure selected sound recording and musical work rights in connection with Live365’s transmission of Broadcaster’s Content in the USA through Live365’s website and mobile players (“Covered Royalties”).  The Covered Royalties are defined in Live365’s agreements with  SoundExchange, the entity responsible for collecting and distributing royalties for the digital performance of sound recordings; the American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers (“ASCAP”); Broadcast  Music, Inc. (“BMI”); and the Society of European Stage Authors and  Composers (“SESAC”) collectively, the “Performing Rights Organizations”  for musical works. Broadcaster will be solely responsible for obtaining any and all additional required licenses for the worldwide distribution of Broadcasters Content including but not limited to sound recording and  musical works rights. Broadcaster will also be responsible for any and  all royalties or other payments that may be required in connection with  these and any other third-party licenses (including, without limitation, any and all royalties or other payments that may be due to the foreign  performing rights organizations)."

With the stream being provided by Live365 ,  Greenline Radio will legally be able to provide a means in getting the independent artists who submit music to our station the exposure they deserve in a national setting.
Greenline Radio runs solely on the funds that are produced by the individuals who run the radio station and their sponsors. In context, Greenline Radio  produces no revenue from the artists, nor the partnerships obtained, in  providing the content distributed on behalf of the radio station.

Greenline Radio is a Live365 radio station. Live365 owns the streaming  service, networking, and registration. Greenline Radio is responsible  for radio branding, logo, and marketing.

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For a full disclosure of the licensing agreement, you can view the document in full at the link below.

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